Famiglia 2022

Wood, soil, glass, feathers
aluminum, brass, acrylic.
Custom Dimension
App Control ( CASAMBI )

Pendant lamp composed of Harry Lauder’s walking stick branches (Corylus Avellana Contorta) and parrot feathers (Psittacula Krameri also known as ring-necked parrot).
Branches and feathers were collected in the Palestro Gardens in Milan. Both belong to that terrestrial life changed by environmental changes. Harry Lauder’s walking stick is born with a straight stem, that over time it curls and knots, a mutation that let image the reaction of a victim to external agents.
The ring-necked parrot is native to the tropical and subtropical areas of sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, but for some years, following a human error, it has been colonizing parks and woods in Milan.
The geometry and dimensions of the lamp follow the natural conformation of the hazel branches.
The electrical part, functional, is inserted into the grooves made inside the branches, held suspended on a single point. Feathers, a contaminating element, maintain the balance of the suspension between the two worlds.