Giovani e stupidi 2022

Soil, glass, aluminum, acrylic.
120 (H) x 100 (D) x 350 (W) cm
1 x Tunable White LED
1800K to 4000K
App Controll ( CASAMBI )

Lamp composed of a solid glass sun, placed on a support made of raw red earth. The surface is an irregular crust of peaks and troughs, spikes and burrows, like a post-trauma territory.
The possibility to remotely manage via the mobile app intensity and color temperature of the light, it is in contrast with the variability of perception that the user experiences when, observing the light source, passes from a light gleam effect - horizontally looking at the sphere - to a full and solar brightness when observing it vertically. An apparent, elusive control. The glass and the raw earth, which is rich in iron oxide that gives a reddish color, and the resin based on water and quartz, they both refer to the exploited resources and the exploitation of the earth’s crust. A warning to rethink the extraction, production and reintegration into the environment of what we produce.