“Unproduced” comes from my fears. We witness the daily upheavals of ecosystems by industrial processes. Waste and substances contaminate and modify the planet.
‘Unproduced’ is my obsession with totally distorted environments and systems controlled by artifice, where humans take total control of the variables. I contemplate metropolitan natural ecosystems, when
nature collides with artefacts, habits and alien species adapts to them, rewriting the codes of its own biodiversity, genetics and aesthetics.
The absence of variables, the standardization due to the industrial process and the saturation of the environments, forces life forms to find new balances. This makes me to imagine worlds of material and functional exchanges between natural and artificial, where matter is no longer forced by anthropocentric desire. A different evolutionary path of production. Technology is digested by natural matter, which becomes its skin and skeleton. The artificial is distilled in its only technological function, excluded from the aesthetic function. It simply plays the primary role it was created for. Organic matter generates shape, the passing of time deteriorates it and corrupts its growth.

The natural element is updated, it evolves into new characteristics and functions that, as in nature, they vary, they corrupt, they lead us to surprise, and they force us to accept functions and geometries that were not designed by us or for us.

“Unproduced” dreams about a point of equilibrium who tries to hold together the natural world irremediably contaminated, and the artificial world, which we cannot now think of giving up.